August 30, 2017 update

Just a note. The same diabetic mentioned previously also suffers from elevated glucose in the morning said that she had the fermented pasta for dinner with a tomato and pork based sauce around 7:00pm. Normally she eats a small protein snack before bed to help control morning blood glucose. This time she did not. Her morning glucose was 113. Normally after regular pasta and a small protein snack around bedtime morning blood glucose is 130-140.

1 Comment August 30, 2017 update

  1. Matt

    Interesting. Well it definitely seems like fermented pasta is superior to regular pasta, but idk if it would be superior to no pasta, especially for an outright diabetic. You seem to have taken a more pro-carb stance lately. Do you think starchy carbs and sugar are necessary for health, or are you just trying to find the least harmful versions?

    Also, eating the bare minimum protein required for health is probably the most helpful thing a diabetic can do, so the extra protein before bed might be doing a lot more harm than good.

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