September 10, 2017 update

Good evening, ah, ah, ah, just finished having 2 cheeseburgers and coke and a craft ginger ale. It’s heavy squatting season again and experience has taught me that during that type of maximal training even a calorically restricted diet of cheeseburgers and coke is far superior to any amount of rice and lean meat I might be able to shove down my throat both taste wise and recovery wise. I prefer the Ivan Abadjiev diet while engaged in lifting.

Ivan is an interesting guy if you can get past the steroids, then again I think a fair percentage of the Ray Peat forum has dabbled in banned substances. He seemed to have a good grasp on physiology in a practical way and in my opinion a better understanding of stress than Peat as far as how Peat frames stress. In fact he has a view of stress much like my views.

It’s funny I was listening to a podcast with Ray Peat, and sometimes I get the distinct impression that if he is not a communist he at least is a sympathizer. Ideology has a funny way of setting up the framework through which you synthesize information.

I set up this blog more for myself than anyone else to track my own changes, changes in the way I researched topics and changes in my views, when you are writing in the present and with no money to make from it, you can look back, see where you have gone right and see where you have gone wrong. I like that. I like that I can change my mind about things and not feel bad about it.

I’ve come back to a way of eating that tries to avoid PUFA (not that that ever changed outside of some childhood favorites I craved every once and a while), but I don’t deemphasize carbohydrate as much as I used to, I’m quite liberal with them especially sucrose. I eat carbohydrate to taste and fats of the saturated sort to taste and protein to taste, it ends up being my macro ratios are pretty balanced between one another (and incidentally when they are the most palatable). I tend to like the idea of a little bit of physiological insulin resistance promoted by saturated fat so that glucose is shunted to hepatic glycogen and muscle glycogen stores.

I’ve changed my views on things like aspirin. The so called blood thinners and blood thinning effect I think we tend to think of that literally like thinning paint but when I factored in structured water my views changed.

I think carbohydrates are pretty damned individual as far as sucrose verses starch, there are certainly ways of preparing starch that seem to be more healthful but some people seem to tolerate starch regardless of the preparation.

Endotoxin has always been interesting to me, Vodka seems to work fine as a mouth wash and eternal internal cleanser, just don’t go overboard :) a cigarette can also modulate the vagus nerve as well, as for the hot gas, if your pulmonary alveoli are saturated not sure the gas is hot enough to raise the saturated lipids to their smoke point as for the tar and other stuff I’ll take my chances.

I’ve never been a fruit kind of guy, I tried the filtered OJ way back in the day and recently I found some high quality OJ that I tried for a while, you know because it is supposed to be better, I strongly disagree with the reasoning on that and I think there are good reasons to avoid it. I love craft soda and I think the lack of “nutrients” tends to guide cravings a little more accurately.

I drink milk on occasion but for the most part tend to favor cream.

Over the past few months I’ve experimented extensively with topical supplements. Pregnenolone, DHEA, Progesterone, T3, T3/T4, the fat soluable vitamins, etc. I will say that all of them seem to be much more effective topically. They are useful sometimes but can, for most, be a tripping point, if you aren’t approaching their use systemically.

August 30, 2017 update

Just a note. The same diabetic mentioned previously also suffers from elevated glucose in the morning said that she had the fermented pasta for dinner with a tomato and pork based sauce around 7:00pm. Normally she eats a small protein snack before bed to help control morning blood glucose. This time she did not. Her morning glucose was 113. Normally after regular pasta and a small protein snack around bedtime morning blood glucose is 130-140.

August 2017 update

More updates…

N=2 Fermented pasta seems to not blow your blood glucose through the roof

A couple of interesting updates. I have a friend who is diabetic and on metformin but not insulin and no statins. I told her about the fermented pasta I’ve been eating and told her there is some literature that suggests fermented wheat won’t blow your glucose through the roof (it doesn’t mine but regular pasta does). So, I gave her a small sample to try. I got a text message from her and she said that normally when she has pasta by 5pm her glucose is 140. She said this time at 5pm her glucose was 92.

Moving to nomad land

My wife and I (who by the way I met on the Ray Peat forum, married for 3 years) are both Histotechnologists. We recently purchased an Airstream and are planning on hitting the road full time doing contract work. The arrangement will allow us to work 6-7 months out of the year and play off the grid the rest of the year.

I will be doing some contract work and doing some graduate work in the investigations field in the way of crime scene investigation/criminal justice as a one of the subspecialties in histotechnology is forensic histotechnology. I don’t know if I’ll ever do anything with it but it is something to do and can’t hurt.

Our Airstream build is scheduled, I estimate that it will be January/February when it is finished. I plan on doing a lot more with this blog around that time.

That’s all for now. Cheers.


September 2017 update

Greetings, have been enjoying the comments and responding when I can, working on a post and as always, always, planning on posting more. Too busy with histology at the moment. But will be back soon :)

In the meantime have been eating pasta:


Saturated fat recipes to come :)

The Ray Peat Forum is welcoming back banned members

For long time readers of this blog you will of course know that I was banned from the Ray Peat Forum in October of 2013. When I left the forum I basically started writing here and I guess I have achieved “legend” status as every now and then since then if I’m mentioned on the forum I will occasionally get emails from people saying as much. And when others have been banned I sometimes have gotten emails from them as well.

Today I received an email with the following quote:

If anyone has been banned and would like to come back and be a helpful, peaceful, loving member of this community. Reach out to me and let’s work things out.” ~Charlie

I documented my original banishment into exile here. I did enjoy my time contributing to the community, and I was “a helpful, peaceful, loving member” but I think a large part of me since then has blossomed into something more promising.

This quote just never set well with me:

“The forum was created specifically for people to come and discuss the work of Ray Peat – not to debate it, to discuss it, share insights about it and work together to understand it while gaining their health through the practical use of his information.” ~Charlie

I’m just not into manufacturing consent. I know a lot about manufacturing consent. It happens every day all around you and I do my best to avoid it. Although I don’t get to post a lot on here I do have loyal readers and people who send emails asking how I’m doing, post interesting comments that are sometimes funny, sometimes challenging to my own ideas, but always thoughtful.

There is something very sexy about truth even though she can be ugly sometimes. She isn’t always attractive, but she never lies.

And finally a quote from the good book (NIV):

“Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.” ~Matthew 7:6

Best wishes.

There was a fork in the road, but I pulled it out and stabbed myself with it

Monday I start work again at new job as a supervisory histotechnologist but back in the clinical setting. I’m pretty excited about it.

This past year has seen it’s ups and downs in terms of what I’ve been eating, I never strayed to far from the saturated fat but I did experiment with my fair share of carbohydrate in the form of starch and sugar.

I did put on some weight for sure probably a mix of muscle and fat, but nothing approaching obesity and big surpise sucrose was the primary driving factor. Like in the past it was just enough weight to where I felt a bit uncomfortable with the road I was going down.

But the lengthy “experiment” because I never tracked any parameters was interesting in the effect it had on my mood and my neurotic tendencies and highlights a statement I made a few years ago in my private work regarding the ability of diet to change behavior:

I’ve seen people who have never picked up a book in their life—do so—I’ve seen creative happy people spiral into a stagnant depression, I’ve seen rational thinking people turn into basket cases, I’ve seen non-religious people become so, and the vice versa for all these examples. Just with changes in diet.”

There is nothing groundbreaking about that observation its a really simple concept that translated to jargon simply means changes in respiration manifest as different observable behaviors.

Dancing with the devil was however freeing of any doubts I may have had over the years to my approach and conclusions. And now I realize I was right the first time, so right, and so I’m back to my meat and milk and occasional sweet potatoes and honey.

The transition back was painless, the slimming effortless, the clarity priceless, the sanity beautiful. It’s just too easy for me to eat like that, it took effort to eat a lot of carbohydrate and it never felt quite right.

When you get down to a low level eating saturated fat as a primary way to fuel metabolism not only is supported on a number of levels, but even when considering structured water of the cells, eating saturated fat makes a great deal of sense.  And I like things that mesh up like that.

Until the next solar eclipse,


P.S. One small change, although there is not enough data to completely support the idea of A2 milk I have switched to it and not only does it taste better but I do notice a difference.

Food: Beef stew

Can you hear the crickets chirping on this blog? I have things to write, but life has gotten in the way of regular posting. Just started a new job about a month ago at the Plum Island Animal Disease Center, and have been consumed with research lately. That has turned out to be useful with my own personal interests regarding respiration. Viral hijacking of cells is an interesting way to look at respiration, hint, somewhere along the line they are manipulating local cellular energetics (glycolysis/OXPHOS) to generate an environment which they can replicate in.

As a sign of good faith that I will eventually resume posting,  I’m posting a recipe, hopefully you’ll eat it in all it’s goodness, and it will distract you from the chirping.

You’ll need a big stock pot.

3-4 pounds of fattiest chuck roast you can find, cube it, to the size you desire, and salt and pepper those bitches. I like bigger pieces. Have your stock pot on medium heat with 2-3 knobs of butter.

AGE your meat (brown it). Cook it in batches and set the seared pieces of meat aside.

Once you’ve done that, cut 2 medium onions in half, and then into fourths. Put those on top of the brown bits with a few splashes of balsamic vinegar. I happen to have some apple balsamic vinegar right now, but what ever you desire is fine. The vinegar is going to lift the brown bits off the bottom of the pan and you are going to cook the onions down a bit, but not too much.

Next put the beef back in. Pour in two cups of beef or chicken stock, then 2 cups of red wine (whatever you like), and 2 cups of water.

Mix it a bit. Put in 6-7 cloves of garlic with the skins on (don’t crush them), a bay leaf, a generous pinch of thyme, and 1-2 tablespoons of tomato paste. And before I forget, a tablespoon or so of flour. Oh shit. Just opened a can of worms. You can use arrowhead powder or some type of dry starch powder if you so desire. No pussyfooting around on this, use something.

Put the lid on and bring to a simmer.

About 45 minutes in put in 3-4 inch chunks of carrot (I usually throw in 3-4 carrots worth, but whatever you like, just make it look pretty as far as distribution) and cube a potato or two and toss those in. Cook for another 30-45 minutes until the chunks of starch reach your desired consistency. Fingerling potatoes work well too, poke through the skin with a fork for those before you toss them in. If using whole potatoes I favor the smaller red variety which I typically peel if I’m not feeling lazy.

Total cook time 1 hour 15-30 minutes.

Protein: ?

Fat: ?

Carbohydrates: Low

Serve in a bowl with sour cream if you wish and some fresh parsley for garnish. Milk or your favorite alcoholic beverage goes well.

If you have room afterwards, desert is whipped cream and berries and a if you are feeling dangerous a splash of vodka and lemon juice. OR some high cheesecake of the low carbohydrate variety.

Eat, drink and be merry.

What do I eat (2014)?

It’s been a while, I do have a back log of posts waiting to be finished on mitochondrial uncoupling, hormones, ketones, and diatomic hydrogen, they are all separate posts but they fit together.

Work has been busy, so has life, but thinking about what I think about never stops. And I constantly flagellate myself for not keeping up with writing.

Since I have limited time I thought I’d write a bit about what I eat for those that are curious or confused by some previous posts.

In the mornings I usually have about half a pint of cream (which is pastured), there is coffee somewhere in there (a French roast made in the press). I do drink this throughout the morning, it’s not a contest.

For lunch or somewhere around that time I like cream cheese which is imported from France (hat tip to Whole Foods for managing that one), cream cheese is made from cream not milk, so it has tiny amounts of protein and although the label says there are no carbohydrates I bet there are a few molecules in there somewhere.

After lunch I usually have a cup or two of Bulgarian yogurt which is made from whole milk.  I sometimes have that in the morning as well. It’s pretty common for me to go through at least 3 cups of that a day.

Dinner is usually beef (which is pastured and I go very very out of my way to get it from a specific farmer… the fat still tastes sweet… that’s fresh), although I don’t always eat meat every day, when I do I make up for it. I like beef short ribs, beef shank, marrow bones, oxtails, and that sort of thing. Love roasts. I don’t know how much beef I eat but probably approaching 1 pound or so on average which sometimes includes the weight of the bones other times not.

Somewhere between lunch and dinner I usually work in the other half pint of cream, and in the evenings I’ve been known to have up to 2 quarts of milk accompanied with cream cheese. But that is rare.

I rarely use anything more but salt, and even then I usually don’t use it, I salt to taste when needed. Needless to say I have no problem with using spices and the like and/or veggies when I have a hankering for them. My taste buds are unspoiled I guess.

I do lift heavy weights every single day, not for health reasons but because I enjoy that type of thing, much like the other things I do in my life.

That’s about it. Some days I have only cream and yogurt, some days I’m not hungry in the morning and don’t eat till dinner, you get the picture.


Oh, I do have butter milk on occasion or mix it with my milk, I like the sour taste.

Update: moving the blog to a different address

Effective now all future posts will be at this address:

As of now there is no system to what I’ve been posting, I prefer to write on a whim and post whatever I happen to be thinking about (it keeps my stress hormones down) but I expect things to become more organized and hopefully more useful as time progresses because there does seem to be people who are reading my opinions. There will also be another author writing posts as well giving a female perspective on different topics.

Ultimately my goal is to get people thinking about how the body works in different contexts and learn how to adapt to the adaptations the body makes throughout our lifespans. I don’t know all the answers. But I always welcome questions and comments.

Once I solve hosting issues the site will then have a seamless move to


Regular Internet at the house will be up on the 16th of December. Looking forward to some regular writing. I’m not sure exactly what I want to do with this, but I have read that some people enjoy what I write, I do enjoy writing and do enjoy doing the research (exploring) for what I write probably more so than the writing. There is a overall theme to what I write but if there is something you’d like me to write about or look into, I can’t promise anything but I would be willing to write on subjects that you who read this are interested in reading about.