I once had a white rabbit named Clariece. Her and my Turkish Van cat, Chuck, used to sit and look at each other for long periods of time. They shared the litter box. If you know anything about rabbits, you know that sweet potatoes and other starchy things can be lethal.

Rabbits are herbivores.

Rabbits use hindgut fermentation.

One day many moons ago when sweet potato was something I ingested quite frequently because it tasted good, some fresh sweet potato fresh from the market was left on a low shelf (not by me) within a rabbits paw reach of my fluffy white rabbit Clariece.

A day later I noticed Clariece looked puffy. Very puffy. And quite hard. Then I noticed she was sitting very still for long periods of time in the corner. Something was wrong.

Later that day when I went to cook sweet potato I noticed that half of one was gone.

My forensic investigation of the sweet potato revealed fluffy white rabbit teeth marks.

I continued to watch over her and tried to keep her comfortable hoping for the best. Her last hops were her hoping over to the litter box climbing inside to take her last breath of cat piss.

I’m sure the sweet potatoes tasted quite good to her.

Liver tastes like shit.

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  1. Matt

    “The manchineel tree may be endangered, but so is anyone who messes with it. That’s because this rare tropical plant, which offers deceptively sweet fruit, is one of the most poisonous trees on Earth.”

    Liver tastes pretty good to me, but only if I soak it in milk for like 30min-hour before-hand.

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