First, I’m always surprised that people read my blog, I don’t get a lot of traffic and there are a lot of people who are smarter than me and have fascinating ideas. True, I only read their blogs because they happen to draw similar conclusions or confirm my own ideas┬ábut they are miles ahead in their concrete understanding while I’m left to daydream and theorize.

I thank those who have commented and asked questions it only goes further to deepen all of our understandings, both directions.

I respect your privacy, however, I dislike anonymous comments or comments with your name as an organization or business and comments with fake email addresses and websites. I give you my name and details of my personal experiences (see “About” page) and you can freely contact me. I dislike off point comments or comments that don’t contribute. I dislike argumentative claims that aren’t cited.

I want to encourage “realness” here. Use your name (capitalize the first letter), you only need your first, I want a more personal experience. I want you to be an individual and stand by your comments or expressions or questions. I want to know the people who read here. I want as human an experience as possible while masked behind fancy studies and carefully thought out words and phrases. Take pride in your comment, stand by it, cite it if it is needed, punctuate and use the spell checker, make your ideas and comments accessible to everyone. Cumulative knowledge.

A person I deeply respect once said in so many words “information is information good or bad, both sets help you to draw meaningful conclusions”. You know who you are.


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