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“Everyone in nutrition is influenced, more-or-less unscientifically, by their own dietary choices or those of their culture. On the one hand we have a clique of mandarins who were “born on second base and think that they’ve hit a home run” with regard to diet and metabolic health. On the other hand we have people such as Tim Noakes, on trial for his opinions as I write, who have overcome metabolic disadvantages with the help of diets that have included the prohibited elements. By any objective test, the second narrative should be the more convincing, but perhaps not in a society that worships unearned success. It is obvious enough that the selection and appreciation of evidence in the DGAC process is distorted by unthinking acceptance of the first narrative. We owe a real debt to Nina Teicholz for bringing this out to be debated in the public domain.” ~George Henderson

“In a community where everyone has a divergent opinion on what’s healthy and what’s not, what’s obesogenic and what’s not, which diet is best for which people, under which circumstances, etc., I can’t help but wonder if the nutrition and metabolism community might be better suited to follow the path of the aforementioned 12% minority [of physicists], and just shut up and calculate. Forget about what we think we know, and just focus our attention, instead of on ideals, on generating better, more generalizable data, utilizing solid statistical methods, carefully avoiding common missteps (like overemphasizing p-values, running too many significance tests, and using relative risk ratios rather than absolute risk and NNT, among other things), making all the data available for objective re-computation, analyzing quantifiable changes in biochemical assays, and more.” ~Ian Lane

“One thing’s for sure, it takes a curious blend of ignorance, cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias to become convinced that salted-sugared skim milk and OJ is the ‘best’ way to attain the highest possible level of health.” ~Shane

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  1. Matt

    While I agree that salted and sugared OJ sucks, we probably all drank it at some point. Switching from reading Ray Peat articles to reading Hyperlipid doesn’t make us all geniuses.

  2. Shane

    “…doesn’t make us all genuises.”

    Far from it. It simply displays one’s willingness to explore evidence that contradicts their current beliefs, even if doing so can be emotionally uncomfortable initially. (à la not engaging in confirmation bias)

    Thanks for the shout out Edward, but I doubt that I deserved to be mentioned in the same company as heavyweights like Henderson and Lane, lol.

  3. Erik

    I’m not so sure. Thinking back to when I was a young kid in the best health of my life. After a full day of playing outside in the summer sun, I would always run to the fridge and chug fruit juice, not milk. Talk about instinct.
    Milk is for cereal or dunking cookies in.

  4. Isaac

    What the heck…. There’s another website, an exact mirror image of this one called….. Do you own both??

  5. Michael


    I would think instinct varies on how much glycogen you have burned. Burn through a lot of muscle/liver glycogen? You’ll want some starch and bit of sugar.

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