Ketosis: tissue unsaturation

This morning I came across this thread on ketosis and tissue unsaturation. I still watch the the Ray Peat forum because there are some curious people who ask interesting questions and they get smacked with wooden spoons. What is unfortunate is that those holding the spoon(s) are grossly mistaken.

This thread reminded me of a recent email exchange with Dr. Peat, in which he wrote the following in response to a brief summary I wrote on polyunsaturated fats, that summary is the basis for my recent post(s) on polyunsaturated fats:

That’s my interpretation too, it seems that we are perfectly adapted to a very warm planet with a lot of CO2 and with fats unsaturated according to the effects on structure and electronic behavior needed for special functions. I think our body temperature keeps our enzymes from evolving into the cold-blooded pattern, keeping us ready to handle the n-9 based fats when things improve.

Which brings me to the misunderstanding/misinterpretation some people have regarding PUFA. It is exogenous (dietary) polyunsaturated fats that are problematic born from the essential fatty acid doctrine. The body indeed produces it’s own unsaturated fatty acids such as those found in the brain for structure and special functions to the degree that they are needed when the body is fed appropriately.

Neonatal ketosis is crucial for proper neonate development.

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