The complaints have been increasing and as administrator I have made the decision to close the doors of the forum to you

You know your doing something right when the folks at the Ray Peat forum ban you.

I received this message from Charlie the administrator (the funny thing about people who claim to be “open-minded”, they always prefix their statements of action with authoritarian language i.e. “as administrator”):

There have been many complaints about you, particularly the number of posts in opposition to Ray Peat and that those type of discussions should be taken elsewhere as this is not the proper forum to continuously initiate such discussion. The forum was created specifically for people to come and discuss the work of Ray Peat – not to debate it, to discuss it, share insights about it and work together to understand it while gaining their health through the practical use of his information. The complaints have been increasing and as administrator I have made the decision to close the doors of the forum to you.

I think accountability is a good thing:

Hi Charlie, receiving complaints does not justify closing the doors on me. You know that I have contributed in depth information to this forum. Further I have the reputation points as evidence that what I write is useful or at least that there is some agreement. I post the the studies in the appropriate sub forum which the description says “A place to post and discuss scientific studies”, I only have ever stated that I disagree with Dr. Peat on some things, and those are more so his abstract concepts, and I am entitled to that opinion especially as a Veteran. It’s not like I don’t think the thyroid isn’t important. So I disagree, and then a user challenges and asks for evidence and I provide evidence which is crystal clear and do not engage in the childish behavior. So complaints about evidence? So what? People who complain about evidence are people who are stuck in dogma.

There is a difference between debates and discussion, discussion is evidence based, debates like in the recent thread are more of personal attacks rather then objective. I don’t participate in that. I just flag it.

Further my points of disagreement have not changed since I became a member of this forum. And like I said most of that has to do with abstract and theoretical implications.

When looking at science you cannot reject evidence, and evidence to the contrary of something does not mean evidence against it necessarily, what it does mean when results conflict is that there is another process at play or even a relationship.

And in the case of thyroid and ketones there is evidence for a relationship that goes back several decades. I’m not really willing to ignore that are you? I want to know the full functionality of the endocrine system.

You can dislike me and my style and so can the users on this forum, but really banning me only takes away from the forum. It’s all too convenient to silence someone who wants to think a little more thoroughly and carefully about things. And then you become no different from the rest of them. It’s not like I spout without presenting a study, how many studies have I provided on this forum for people to download? Hmm.

As I’ve said I’m looking for truth and ways to tie in Dr. Peat’s work with recent evidence. Making ALL your conclusions off of old studies is like saying the earth is flat and rejecting the pictures sent from space showing perfectly clearly the Earth is indeed round.

It’s fine if you want to ban me, ban me, just give me a few days to download the forum and I won’t post anything.

If you change your mind let me know, I will still continue to contribute and still will maintain the same rational and even keeled response I always write. It’s not a pissing contest for me that should be clear for sure through everything I’ve written. Most people argue at least I provide something more to go on than just an opinion.

Also your gums, it’s a sign of inefficient respiration.


And after I didn’t receive any responses, I responded once more:

Charlie, how about this? What if instead of posting the studies that conflict with Dr. Peat on the “Scientific Studies” portion of the forum I instead post them in the “Ray Peat Debate Forum”, and then the studies that tend to agree with Dr. Peat I post in the “Scientific Studies” portion of the forum. Although I feel that is filtering, it could be a reasonable compromise?

I’m completely willing to post stuff to different parts of the forum if you think it would help.


Quite frankly this came as a surprise for me. I had contributed a significant amount of time and effort to the forum and I know that my advice has come in handy for several people. I have always given citations when information I provided was counter intuitive.

It becomes apparent after spending a great deal of time on a forum like that the the people there are sick and the evidence of that manifests in their writing. Quite a few people for being healthy seem quite irate. And that is fine. I wish them the best. I made a few good friends while I was on there.

16 Comments The complaints have been increasing and as administrator I have made the decision to close the doors of the forum to you

  1. ttramone

    Wow, I’m shocked that both you Edward, and Gabriel, have been booted off the RP forum. I found both your postings relevant and thought-provoking and it has really ‘sharpened’ my thinking on many things Peat. I agree Gabriel that this forum is becoming dogmatic. I’m going to email my disappointment to Charlie as the forum is worse off without both of you contributing.


  2. asdf

    Just change your IP, post under a different name, and don’t word anything hostile to our lord Savior. Sure it sucks to have crappy rulers, just like in the real world, but they’re easy enough to get around.

    However, I’ll try to follow this blog too.

  3. Thomas

    Whow, didnt know that. I am sorry that you have been banned. I loved your post and wondered what happend to you. I dont understand the powerplay going on, the -isms and religous behaviour in some people.
    I am going to follow your blog and hope you keep it up.
    thanks for all the work you put into the advice and in the forum.

  4. tailypoe3

    Haha-I tried to post this on the Ray Peat forum, but my message “disappeared” and it looks as though I’ve been banned:

    “I liked the unique atmosphere of this forum because a lot of people here, like myself, have tried many different things in an attempt to heal from unresolved health issues…and we ended up here because those things failed.

    Ray Peat’s advice is meant to be taken in context, which a few people may have forgotten. That is what I think Edward and Gabriel were trying to remind people-that “dogmatic” thinking ignores this, and ignoring evidence just results in more failure.

    Finding quality articles such as Edward posted requires a lot of intelligence and dedication, and he shared them with us for free so that other possibilities can be considered instead of mindlessly following out of date studies. It boggles my mind that he was banned-what a great way to thank him.”

    I didn’t realize that my message was too hostile for the Ray Peat forums, someone needs to get the sand out of their vagina.

  5. George Henderson

    What was it Oscar Wilde said? “The well-bred contradict other people, the wise contradict themselves.” If you have insight into a body of knowledge, you are going to discover science that contradicts your view. You either modify your model, which if it is sound will survive and benefit from such adjustments, or you put on well-bred airs.
    This is the distinction between science, where you are interested in learning new things, and wise enough to contradict yourself as a result, and dogma, accepting which will force you to contradict others (or indeed censor them) unless they agree with you.

  6. Isaac

    When I read your articles there’s just this feeling that I don’t wanna crown you king and follow you to the end of my days (that’s a good thing). The atmosphere in the Ray peat forum actually harms my health :P I hated it there… Before I got banned.

  7. W.E.

    They should change the name from The Ray Peat Forum to The Ray Peat Echo Chamber. It’s obvious that they don’t welcome healthy discussion (the definition of a forum), just want a validation of their beliefs.

    Those that challenge the creed get banned rather quickly (I barely lasted a few months, but I guess I was always questioning the monstrosity that is the prescribed diet and my declining health because of it –but I wasn’t the only one whose health was declining) but those that abuse other members, threaten violence or use personal attacks are quickly fogriven. Defending yourself doesn’t matter because they’ll find another reason to remove you.

    In my case, I got a warning and my PMing privellages taken away, so I couldn’t even tell anyone what happened. So clever it’s kind of sinister… :)

    That’s not how I found your website, but now that I realise you’ve been banned from the forum I have even greater respect for what you say. It must have been important enough to make the RP cronies band together! :)

  8. Isaac

    Hey W.E. How does it feel? (Blinks eyes… As a Rocket flies by, I guess) I am just so happy right now :’)

  9. W.E.

    Awesome! And I’ve got only you to thank! Please be my new guru and tell me how to nom! Thanks in advance!

  10. Isaac

    W.E. you’re Peat’s Girl right? And, I was the one to get you banned??…… Whoa O_O

    And uh I guess you open your mouth and put your food of choice inside it, and then open and close your mouth in an organized fashion so as to make the food more digestible. I don’t have my pamphlet with me so that’s as detailed as I can get, you’re welcome.

  11. W.E.

    I guess your reading comprehension, sense of humour and understanding of irony hasn’t improved since last we talked.

    I don’t want to downplay your life’s only achievement here but what happened was that I made a joke and you threw a tantrum and I got a warning for making you cry or something, which was the last push I needed to realize the forum is full of mentally unstable teenagers (fig.1) and the middle-aged women who defend them.

    But, yes, sure I am ex-Peat’s Girl and you got me ‘banned’. Serves me for making jokes about bananas/fapping and thinking people would get them without crying like a little girl who tore her tutu.

    How’s that? I’m all for bringing joy to the sad little lives of others.

  12. Isaac

    Sweet, I’m glad I got you banned, it’s both satisfying to my evil desires and satisfying to know that you don’t have to deal with their crap anymore. Also, “No girl will ever love you” isn’t an “all in good sport” joke last time I checked, at least all I could think of was that you’re ugly, cuz it’s all I had to go on from your profile picture.

  13. Isaac

    Also, I like to think of myself as mentally stable with controlled outbreaks of negative emotion, kind of like someone who confronts their emotions rather than hiding them. When something negative happens to a person, they develop negative emotions, I don’t see anything wrong with that.

    Oh, and what’s “my life’s only achievement?”

  14. Isaac

    apparently the offensiveness of my comments have been decided without the help of the person they’re actually directed to O_o

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