Update: moving the blog to a different address

Effective now all future posts will be at this address: http://thebittercitizen.wordpress.com/

As of now there is no system to what I’ve been posting, I prefer to write on a whim and post whatever I happen to be thinking about (it keeps my stress hormones down) but I expect things to become more organized and hopefully more useful as time progresses because there does seem to be people who are reading my opinions. There will also be another author writing posts as well giving a female perspective on different topics.

Ultimately my goal is to get people thinking about how the body works in different contexts and learn how to adapt to the adaptations the body makes throughout our lifespans. I don’t know all the answers. But I always welcome questions and comments.

Once I solve hosting issues the site will then have a seamless move to thebittercitizen.com

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