when does the fight become enabling? haha I don't know, but these are my thoughts

governing dynamics

john nash




so like one of the first blog posts i did back in the day was on gaming theory and governing dynamics it was on nutrition but the message was ‘don’t play the game, don’t enable the game’ in my opinion right now tech is probably a job that has the most free agency within the system of the state because it’s hard to constrain because the state by it’s very nature can’t react quickly enough because of b, so when i say i’m getting back into tech i don’t mean tech for a ‘means to make things better’ i mean tech to enable more agency so that i can focus on other meaningful things, look in the past my position was something like loosely ‘capitalism against capitalism’ but the problem i see with that is that at the end of day it requires almost this ‘wise king’ philosophy and i just feel like that if you work within in structures that exploit other structures over time you either become that structure or corrupt that structure creating this doomed to fail can’t scale architecture, ideally you don’t want structure per se not in the idealist sense. structures of hierarchical experience are real and most likely necessary at some level but in the sense of passing on what we have learned versus authoritarian structure that can’t be challenged, so i feel like atm that meddling in ‘capitalism against capitalism’ is some kind of space/time shortcut that the egotistical ‘want to solve the worlds problems now’ types engage in, however, for those that do that, they are their ‘own wise kings’ and increasing the complexity of what is out there is the ‘valuable’ part not necessarily what they are doing, so as part of the entire anti-state collective they are beneficial because of the complexity they introduce versus what they are actually doing, and I think each type of individual sponge regardless of ‘wetness’ will gravitate towards what they are good at, for me however, i look at it differently, i say: what is the function of a sponge, to absorb water, and i’m like at some point the sponge will be 100 percent saturated, then what, so I’m like where is the a sponge that does’t ever reach 100 percent saturation, i want a sponge that can introduce complexity (absorb water) but I also want a sponge that does not reach 100% saturation and then begins to mold which you then have to place in the microwave to clean the mold. I don’t want the microwave hierarchy I don’t want the apocalyptic reset, i want the balance of complexity. in the beginning I said ‘don’t play the game, don’t enable the game’ and so if you do — you are only making a chess match, a chess match that has a winner and a looser, ok you can have a draw too, but do you want the purpose of your life and your children to be driven by the conflict of a ‘draw’? how about we don’t play the game at all?